Volume Too Loud at Lowest Setting

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Volume Too Loud at Lowest Setting

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I just installed a Blaupunkt Memphis 440bt.in a Nissan Maxima with Bose.  I CAN"T CONTROL THE VOLUME.  At "0", no volume at all, at "1" too loud.to deal with on an ongoing basis.

Is there an adjustment somewhere that I'm missing?  Also, Loudness setting in Setup is OFF.

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  • How have you wired the unit to your car? What wiring harness did you use?

    What year is your Maxima?

    I'll tell you right now, if you didn't use the RCA outputs of the HU, then the signal you're sending to the Bose amplifier is a stronger signal than the Bose unit could send, thus why the output goes from noting to too loud. I'm a little surprised volume level 1 is already too loud, but...

    My sister's Grand Am with monsoon was similar. Installed an Alpine HU with a harness I had on hand that utilized the speaker lead outputs of the HU and not the Preamp outputs. Result was that volume level 2 was about right, volume level 3 was getting pretty loud. At volume level 5, it was enough to drive me out of her car if I didn't have earplugs in.

    Eventually, we replace the speakers and so I bypassed the Monsoon amplifier. Problem solved.

    So, if you have aftermarket speakers, I recommend bypassing the Bose amplifier. If you still have the bose speakers, make sure you are using a wiring harness that allows you to use the RCA outputs of the HU.