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Car Audio, Video, & GPS

Car Audio, Video, & GPS
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  • Forum Post: Kenwood DDX512 and iPod

    Hello all, I am new to this Forum and I have the Kenwood DDX512 and an iPod Touch. Unfortunately none of the touch video plays on the DDX512. Post the 1.4.0 firmware upgrade the iPod interface is much better. Does anyone know if iPod touch video functionality will be in any of the Kenwood firmware codestream...
  • Forum Post: New headunit, speakers sound poor

    I have a 2006 Nissan Xterra with the Rockford Fosgate factory system. This last weekend I installed a Kenwood DDX512 for the better look, better iPod functionality, etc. Before, with the factory head unit, the speakers sounded pretty good. I wired it through a PAC OEM-2 as was recommended by Crutchfield...
  • Forum Post: Headunit restarts

    About 2-3 weeks ago I put a Kenwood DDX512 in my 2006 Nissan Xterra. It worked with no issues. Last weekend I had new speakers installed. Every once in a while now, it will just shut off and power back on with no apparent pattern. It has only been doing this since the speaker install. I am rather baffled...
  • Forum Post: Re: KTC-HR200 HD Tuner and DDX-512 Memory Problems

    Welcome to the forums hotcam. You are the first person that I have spoken with that has had the loss of the presents with the KTC-HR200 and the DDX512 receiver. Given the amount of time that has passed and our contact with Kenwood, I think it is very doubtful that you are having the same issue as others...
  • Forum Post: Please help!!! Kenwood ddx-512 or Pioneer avh-p4000???

    I am buying one of these units this week. I dont need navigation. Im losing my mind trying to decide which one of these to get!!!! Please help... Which one should i buy? why? thank you a ton for your will be deciding what i buy.
  • Forum Post: Fried my RCA sub output

    So I think I accidentally put some voltage into my RCA's which fried my RCA sub output on my headunit. My Headunit is a Kenwood DDX6019 double DIN headunit The sub output no longer works but both the front and rear outputs do. everything else is fine on my headunit. I took it apart to look at where the...
  • Forum Post: kenwood ddx512 and ipod gen 5.5

    I recently purchased a kenwood ddx512 and the kenwood ipod adapter. I already had a 5.5 gen ipod that I wanted to connect to the receiver. The audio portion works great. I have no problem playing music from my ipod. When I play video it doesn't retain the last played portion of the movie. What I...