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Vote now for the Holiday Dreams Contest Winner

  • We asked each of our finalists to use his imagination and design a system that would bring happiness to someone else. Travis installed a killer audio system on his dad’s riding mower, to thank him for all the outdoor work he does for the family. Sam transformed his brother Ben's room into a home theater, so that Ben's movie and music enjoyment wouldn't be limited by his cerebral palsy. Check out their systems, and then vote on the one you think should win the Grand Prize of a $1,000 Crutchfield Gift Card. 

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  • I really liked Travis' lawnmower system it is quite a system for a lawnmower he got my vote because he had to face some of the same problems I did when I put the system on Eric's wheelchair in the original "You dream it we'll help you built it" contest. I'm also really glad to see that Ben has a very nice home theater setup for his room. I cant wait until the next contest now that I've done something for Eric I'd love to do something for my sister who has cerebral palsy