Home theater creative?

  • Since when is putting a home theater in a home considered creative? I understand that the guys brother had a disability. Im not a techy person but I would still be able to instal a home theater in under an hour by myself.

  • Hi hcca4prez,

    I can't speak for the panelists, as I wasn't one of them. But I'll take a guess at the motivations behind their choice -- first, as you mention, the guy is really doing something thoughtful for his bro, and I am sure that influenced them. Also, it's not typical to install a home theater in a bedroom, so I figure they were seeing some creativity there.

    I would totally agree that Travis' lawnmower install is a more unusual use of audio technology. But both efforts, to my eyes, fall into the category of "using your imagination to design a system that would bring happiness to someone else."