Dream Projects

  • I have been a Crutchfield devoted customer for many many many years.  This is the only place to buy electronic products for home, vehicle, office or any other place for visual or audio components.   The finest most reliable, cutting edge, broad spectrum of products available.

    That kind of customer support and dedication far exceeds any other Electronics vendor.  Greatest team of Knowledgeable Audio and Visual Specialist anywhere.

    The Dream Projects program is an incredable way to expand Crutchfield's customer awareness of support of products and technical installation that is only limited by customers imagination

    I would have liked to seen awards to individual customers who are more likely to display and use Crutchfield products on a daily basis.  I am not a salesman working for Crutchfield and yet because of my own installations and desire for the best " Systems", friends and people I work with have had me install Crutchfield products because of Quality and Lowest Prices on name Products. 

    Commercial Dream Projects are Great,  But don't show much appreciation for the little guy who can only "Dream of such a Project" that has appreciated Crutchfield most of their lives.

  • Hey In4It,
    Thanks for the kind words about Crutchfield. Honestly, I think the reason we’re here is because of people like you – people who are into this stuff, who are the folks who get called by family, friends, and neighbors for help, people who understand techy stuff and like to tinker. Most of the people who work here can be described this way, and so can a ton of our customers.
    I’m really sorry you feel like these contests are nothing to do with you. The last thing we want is for them to be “commercial” contests. We came up with them because we talk to so many people who have a really neat, creative idea for doing something with A/V gear. And we think that these contests make it possible for people to carry out a project they might not otherwise have the budget for.
    Even if tailgating isn’t your thing, or you don’t have an idea for a project you could do for someone else, please keep an eye on these contest themes. It may be that a contest theme comes along that perfectly matches an idea you’ve been kicking around.
    Also, you can always post info about your installs here in the forums, or you can show off your car install in our Customer Car Showroom.
    In the meantime, I’ll pass along the idea of a Loyal Customer Contest. If you get a chance, post some ideas here about how you think that kind of contest would work!

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  • Hi In4it,

    I totally agree with you when it comes to your thoughts about Crutchfield and the superior service and support they provide.


    As the Winner of the most recent contest "Tailgate Dreams" I would like to point out a few things related to your concerns about my project or the previous finalists being  "Commercial Dream Projects".  The Ultimate Tailgating contest tapped into this "Little Guys" Imagination. 

    I spend Several hours a week on Crutchfield and reading Car Audio Magazines. I'm always planning out Mega Systems in my head and even putting them on paper with the thought of "Some day I"ll have the money to do this". In reality its not likely to happen but I love this stuff and was really excited when I saw the contest. I also happen to be a big fan of the Tampa Bay Bucs and go to games whenever I can.

    I work as a waiter and my wife and I do a little Catering. Im also raising four children so believe me when I say. "I am the little Guy" This project has been such a blessing to me and my family. 

    While it is true that this project wont be seen on a Daily Basis I do have a long list of Ideas and requests to bring this thing out. I tell everyone who sees the trailer about my Favorite website and try to be the best embasador for Crutchfield they have ever had! 

    Keep Dreaming Bro! You never know when one may just come true.


    Michael Seville