help on some sub ideas

  • i got my 2 subs wired at 1 ohm each right now going to a 2 channel 1000 watt amp. its good. but when i change the song i hear a rumbling from the subs. all the wires are connected good but i always get a rumbling. and now my subs turn off randomly. again all the wires are hooked up tight but sometimes i will just lose bumps for some reason. they will turn on by themselves again. this doesnt happen often but it still does happen. someone help me out



  • There aren't many 2-channel amps that are 1-ohm stable stereo.  Yours probably isn't one of them (whatever it is).

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  • I would go with the amp isnt 1 ohm stable. Buy nice amps trust me, it makes a HUGE difference.
  • My freind had this problem and the bass control nob was broken. As for the rumbbling that sounds like you have a bad ground somewhere. I have fixed this by buying a little box ( the name escapes me right now but when i remember ill let you know) it was only around 35 dollars and installation was easy. What kind of amp are you running that is stable at two 1 ohm channles? 

  • Are your power and remote on the same side? If so, the power does tend to make a problem with the rumbling noises it gives off. To solve that run the remote and RCAs on the same side of your vehicle, on the opposite side from your power.

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