How good is your life's soundtrack?
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How good is your life's soundtrack?

  • Today's world of digital entertainment offers more listening options than ever before. The quantity is definitely high, but how about the quality? Every day we hear from folks who are listening more but enjoying it less. Recent trends actually reduce your chances of getting high-quality sound.
    • Do you listen to low-res music files through computer speakers or the cheap earbuds that came with your portable player?
    • Does your TV sound come from your set's tiny built-in speakers?
    • Are you still living with your car's factory stereo?

    If you answered yes, yes and yes, then you may never have experienced true high-fidelity sound. And no matter where you listen or what you listen to, you're missing out on a lot of goose-bump moments.

    That's why Crutchfield is launching Hi-Fi 2.0 – our way of fighting mediocre sound in the digital world. Wherever you see our Hi-Fi 2.0 logo, you'll find information or products that can guide you to better sound.

    With 35 years of audio experience, we know lots of ways to help you discover the joy of great sound. Call 1-800-555-7032 today and speak to a personal advisor about putting more life in your soundtrack.

    You can find out more about HiFi 2.0 by clicking the image below:

    Crutchfield HiFi 2.0 Logo






    We look forward to hearing your thoughts on HiFi 2.0. This forum has been created to give you a place to discuss everything HiFi 2.0.

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  • I am so glad that Crutchfield is behind the 2.0 initiative. For all the abuse audiophiles heap on the Ipod, it sure did get people listening to 2 channel music again. There's no reason why a great home theatre can't also do great 2 channel, and most of us own way more 2 channel music than movies anyway. Happy listening!