Results of Hi-fi 2.0 Mini Poll #1: Where do you listen? Kitchen
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Results of Hi-fi 2.0 Mini Poll #1: Where do you listen? Kitchen

  • In our recent Mini Poll, we asked respondents to tell us where they do most of their listening. We intend to use the poll results to help us focus on the solutions that matter most to our readers.

    We promised to reveal the poll results in this forum, and we'll take it one room at time, beginning with the kitchen. Asked how frequently they listen in their kitchen, 381 people responded:









    Given the amount of time most people spend in their kitchen, it was a mild surprise to see that 62% seldom if ever listen in this room. Let's dig a little deeper to find out why. If you don't listen in the kitchen, tell us why not. Would you like to? What are the obstacles?

    If you do listen in the kitchen, how does it enhance the time you spend there? What do you listen to? What gear do you use? Does sound quality matter in the kitchen?

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    Jim Richardson

  • I missed the poll, but I suspect your results might be a bit off, given the way the question was worded.

    For example, I have an MP3 player that I occasionally listen to, and there is a bookshelf system in the family room that is clearly able to be heard in the kitchen.

    Either or both are likely to be on and used when we are in the kitchen, however, I don't know that I would say I am "listening" in the kitchen when we are fixing meals and the stereo is on.

    I suspect that last sentence is what skewed your poll.

    Hope This Helps!!!

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  • A typical habit of mine is to come home from work, turn on the stereo in the living room, and turn it up loud enough that I can hear it in the kitchen while I cook. I'm a much better chef when I'm listening to inspiring music. I'm sure my wife and daughter would agree!
  • I'm with Gary. I hate cooking without music honestly, it's one of my main listening segments at home. I love to cook so this is quite often. I didn't vote in the poll, but I would have replied "Always".