Results of Hi-fi 2.0 Mini Poll #1: The office
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Results of Hi-fi 2.0 Mini Poll #1: The office

  • In our recent Mini Poll, we asked respondents to tell us where they do most of their listening. We intend to use the poll results to help us focus on the solutions that matter most to our readers.

    Asked how frequently they listen at the office, 375 people responded:









    Does listening to music at the office make you more or less productive? If you do listen at the office, what's your music source? Is it shared or private? Hi-fi or background sound?

    Jim Richardson

  • It's hard to say whether or not it makes me any more or less productive, but having music on certainly makes me feel better. I've got a prototype of our new zöet network audio system running on my desk and elsewhere in the office that I play music from daily. I've gotten so used to having it that I think I would be seriously disrupted if it were gone.