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  • Forum Post: Profile Amps, Good or Garbage?

    I am looking for an amp to power my 6.5" momo components. They are rated to handle 125 watts rms. Would the Profile HA1000 or AP1000 be a good amp for this application? Both are 2 Ch's rated at 160 watts rms @ 4 ohms; the momo's are 4 ohms's as well. I could just turn the amp down a bit to compensate...
  • Forum Post: What do i need for an amp?

    i have a 2001 toyota camry thats mostly stock audio-wise. i have 2-  6.5"  Sony Xplods (XS-R1643) 270W Peak, and 2- little dome tweeters in a box in the back seat and i just hooked the wires from them to the factory 6"x9"s in the back window. i just bought 2 Pioneer Subs (TS-W252R)  they're 10"  4-ohm...
  • Forum Post: 2002 Audi A6 Quattro Bose amplifier replacement

    The Bose sound system has lost sound except for the driver's side. Actually, the rest of the car gets sound except during warm weather, which in South Mississippi means 10 months of mono sound and two months +/- of great sound. The Audi dealer says the amplifier needs to be replaced ($1,216 for part...
  • Forum Post: what amp to use?

    at the moment i have a jensen xs1010 in a box for my dakota and found out my amp is shot so i have to get a new one but im building a custom box and console that will end up housing 4 12" subs what amp should i get but im also on a budget i need an amp that will push 4 12" subs but also my...
  • Forum Post: Help picking out correct Amp

    Forward: Please forgive me for my lack of knowledge and any/all mistakes and misconceptions stated below.. I am currently having trouble finding the correct amplifier to use for my subs. The specs of my subs are Peak: 1.4kW RMS: 700W Impedance: 4 ohms. DVC (I believe) I have two of...