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  • Forum Post: Kenwood Excelon KDC-X491 Question

    I'm about to buy the Kenwood X491 receiver, and it has a USB connection on it. I know people have been using this with thumb drives, and the deck can sort through the files on the drive. I, however, would prefer to use an iPod. Can I use the normal cable that connects the iPod to a computer (usb one...
  • Forum Post: hard drive in your car

    hello everyone i am planing to put a usb external hard drive in my car! i am starting out with the new kenwood x991 and i am running a usb extension to my center console where i can put any usb external hard drive! if this works i could have like 1tb in my car! if this wont work or you have any additional...
  • Forum Post: Re: Successful USB Mini Hard Drive for Kenwood DPX-701

    That's great to know. I know there have been some issues with Kenwood units and using a hard drive with them. Do you leave the hard drive in the vehicle? If so, have you noticed any issues on hot days? Thanks!
  • Forum Post: Re: Kenwood KDC-X491 USB

    I just spoke with a Kenwood rep less than an hour ago about this very issue and to be honest, there's not a very definitive answer. According to him, the Kenwood USB units vary with compatbility based on the quality of the thumb drive. In other words, you have a better chance going with a quality, name...
  • Forum Post: Re: iPod interface on the Alpine CDA-9883

    First, I just wanted to say that this post would work better as a new thread. As for the iPod interface, it does have one of the best and Alpine has always been a market leader in this area. The only other suggestion I have is a Kenwood with the USB interface . They have also gotten some great reviews...
  • Forum Post: USB drive playback options

    We recently bought an aftermarket hu for my wife's new car (the previous owner's 3yo had put coins in the CD slot of the stock system). We ended up getting a Kenwood KDC-MP435U. One of the big selling features for me was the USB port on the front for stick drives. I like it enough that I'm now shopping...
  • Forum Post: Re: Looking for answers to new head unit decision

    From everything that I have read, you are correct. It may take a long time for the unit to read the whole drive (if it is of a larger size), but you should be able to use any size.
  • Forum Post: Re: Kenwood DNX7100

    vcamacho: did you ever find out about the usb not being available if Ipod cable is connected? The Kenwood KCA-iP300V iPod interface for the DNX7100 connects using the USB cable. You will need to disconnect the interface to use the USB input for other devices. HTH!
  • Forum Post: Re: Kenwood DNX7100 Software Update 1.0.9

    You may need to get the software update that Nice Pony referenced in his post at the beginning of the thread . Try that update and let us know if it works.
  • Forum Post: Kenwood DNX5120 usb problems

    I am having problems with the USB input on the radio. 1. JPG picture files are only listed but cannot be touched to view. It does not matter what size or compression. However, during the startup screen customizing procedure, the unit can access the .jpg files fine. 2. When playing music (.wma) there...
  • Forum Post: What to do with the USB cable?

    Hi Everyone. I just purchased a Kenwood KDC-MP538U which features a built in USB interface to control an iPod through the head unit. My question is for anyone who's installed this radio. Where did you route the USB cable to? I've heard two popular places to put it is either the glove box or inside the...
  • Forum Post: Re: Kenwood Excelon KDC-X794?

    I'd be interested in hearing impressions of this unit if you or anybody else obtains one. In particular, I'd like to know if the volume/control knob is a simple rotate/push control, or the rotate/push/4-way tilt (that doesn't work very well) like the other Kenwood units. The manual seems...
  • Forum Post: KENWOOD DDX719

    A few questions that I can not seem to get answered anywhere: 1. Does this model have a limit on how may files/ GB worth of information it can access on a USB? My older model does not allow access to some files somewheres above 12GB. I can see the folders, but can not click to view contents of play...