which reciever HTR5830 or HTR5650?

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which reciever HTR5830 or HTR5650?

  • I have 2 older Yamaha recievers; HTR5650 & HTR5830. I'm looking to use one of them in new home theatre with 6 speakers & sub.  I'm leaning towards the HTR5650.  Suggestions?  This 'new' home theatre will be a mish mosh of equipment I've had for years but didn't get rid of. 

    Thanks for any assistance!

  • Both are very good receivers from the specs I can find online. The 5650 is a full 6 channel receiver, and the 5830 is only a 5 channel. The one advantage I see is the 5830 does have more wattage.

    Anyone else have a suggestion?