Yamaha receiver question on impedance switch

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Yamaha receiver question on impedance switch

  • Just bought the Yamaha R-S700 receiver.  Where is the impedance selector switch located and in what position should it be (high or low) when using with a Russound 4 speaker selector?  I'm driving 3 pair of 8 ohm speakers.  This is so confusing.  

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  • Depending on the impedance your selector presents when all three pair are selected, the recommendation can vary.

    Because you’ll want the most watts per speaker that the amplifier can safely produce, I would select the “low” option provided you will not be connecting any other speakers to the “B” outputs.

    Hope that helps.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?


  • Thanks much.  Appreciate the response.  

  • One more thing...why not B outlets?

  • While you could connect a pair of "B" speakers, they could not be active at the same time as the selector on the "A" speaker outputs. The resulting impedance would drop below an acceptable level for the receiver.

    Basically, you could use the “A” speaker outputs or the “B” speaker outputs but not both at the same time when a selector is connected to either.

    I hope that helps.