Sony Receiver, Sharp Auos, ARC HDMI question.

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Sony Receiver, Sharp Auos, ARC HDMI question.

  • If anyone could help with this I'd appreciate it.


    Sharp Aquos LC-60EQ10U

    Sony Recevier STR-KS5370

    The TV's HDMI 1 is an "ARC" HDMI. From the info I can find online and in the booklet, it says the receiver supports ARC HDMI but in the booklet it only says for Sony "Bravia" TV's. From what I understand, the ARC HDMI sends and receives the signal. I'd like to do this but am confused as to how I would run the HDMI's. I currently have 4 HDMI inputs on the TV and 3 inputs and one out on the receiver. But I have more than 4 components that would need to be run through HDMI so would need to run some into the receiver. I'm not sure how the ARC Hdmi's work.

    Any one have any ideas the best way to run the wires?

    Here is my current set up.

    PS3 into "Bluray" input in receiver.

    XBox One into "DVD" input.

    Fios into "Satellite" input.

    Out HDMI to HDMI 2 on TV.

    Wii U into HDMI 3 on TV.

    XBox 360 to HDMI 4 but I run the audio into the "TV" input on the receiver since the Rocksmith game can not have audio run throough HDMI for delay issues.

  • “ARC” stands for “Audio Return Channel”. The real benefit being: not having to run an audio cable from the TV back to the receiver for when the TV itself is the source.

    Because all your video sources are external, this feature offers no real benefit for you unless you’re using the TV’s built-in tuner or streaming applications.

    You can run your Xbox360 to the TV and have it provide the audio backwards up the HDMI cable to the receiver but you may still suffer from the audio lag issue you’ve described.

    Ideally, all your external sources would be connected to the HDMI inputs on the receiver and a single HDMI out of the receiver to your television but it seems your receiver does not offer enough inputs for this.

    While you can run sources directly to the TV via HDMI and use the ARC feature to send their audio from the TV back to the receiver (as described above) through the HDMI connection, this will generally result in just two channel audio (stereo) sound being provided to the receiver from these sources. Essentially, the TV only offers stereo speakers so it will only ‘ask’ for 2-channel audio from sources connected directly to the TV via HDMI. Because the TV only gets stereo sound from these sources, it can only provide the same stereo audio via ARC back to the receiver via HDMI.

    So, if you want the full 5.1 audio from all your external sources, you’ll either want a different receiver with enough HDMI inputs or you can run a separate digital audio cable (optical/toslink, coaxial) from one or two of your sources to the receiver and the HDMI directly to the TV. In the latter option, you’ll have to match the audio selection on the receiver with the proper HDMI input on the television for these sources.  

    I hope that helps.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?