Klipsch 502-W pre construction bracket

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Klipsch 502-W pre construction bracket

  • I purchased this bracket to install a Klipsch 5502 Center channel speaker. This bracket horizontally is wider than my 16" on center studs, any advice on mounting this bracket? I want to mount this speaker as follows:  [ O  O ]

  • Short of re-positioning or modifying the existing studs (not recommended) there’s not much that can be done with that specific speaker & bracket for a horizontal orientation.

    While the R-5502 is a dedicated ‘in-wall’ speaker, it’s not a dedicated center channel. Most in-wall speakers with dual mid-bass drivers will require a cutout that exceeds the available width between 16" studs for horizontal mounting.

    If you purchased from Crutchfield (or any other authorized Klipsch retailer) you may want to consider returning the 5502 & bracket for an exchange. I would recommend using the R-5650-W II model with the IK-650-W bracket. While this option does not have the dual mid-bass drivers, the larger 6.5” woofer will provide robust performance while allowing you to mount horizontally (13” cutout).

    Hope that helps.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?