Onkyo TX-NR### Series out-of-warranty failures

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Onkyo TX-NR### Series out-of-warranty failures

  • If you own, or are considering purchasing, an Onkyo TX-NR series receiver, please be aware that there are an unusually high number of owners that have experienced  problems in the last 2 years. The problem generally occurs in the second year of use, or just outside of the 2 year warranty period.

     The problem manifests itself as a loss, or absence, of audio when the receiver is powered up. The receiver seems to power up normally, but the speaker icons never appear in the display and there is no audio output from any source.  Symptoms may also include failure of the USB port, loss of Networking capability and failure of the HDMI video output.

    According to the service rep at the Onkyo authorized service center where I took my receiver,  this has been a common occurrence in the TX-NR series. He told me that they have repaired quite a few units in the TX-NR series with this problem.  This information is also verified by an increasing number of posts on the Onkyo Support Forum. Evidently, the problem is related to a failure of  a chip(s) in the HDMI board that is located at the top rear of the receiver.

    The good news is that Onkyo is aware of the problem and is addressing it by authorizing warranty repairs outside of the 2 year warranty period. My TX-NR709 receiver failed just 2 months outside of the warranty, so I followed the advice posted by the moderator on the Onkyo customer service forum to other users, requesting a warranty repair. After about 5 working days, I received an e-mail authorizing an out-of-warranty repair for my receiver.


    The repair request requires that your simply provide basic information, including name address etc., serial number and a scanned copy of your purchase receipt. The regional service center indicated that the repair would take about 2 weeks, since they have to request parts from Onkyo on an individual basis for repairs.

    I will post a follow-up, after my repair is completed to summarize the process and the results. I hope others in this same situation are able to benefit from this information and take advantage of Onkyo's willingness to provide out-of-warranty service.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience.

    For Crutchfield Customers, you can request a copy of your original invoice (receipt), which can even be e-mailed to you, by contacting our Customer Support Department: 800-955-9091 .



  • Update 7/12/14

     The receiver repair process went very smoothly. After a call to the authorized repair facility in a nearby town, I dropped off the receiver. The facility was fully aware of the problem and already had my information from Onkyo. The shop told me that they would have to order the parts from Onkyo, since they were only able to request them as-needed for specific repairs.

    The repair was completed in just over a week, without any additional issues. The receiver has been operating for just over 2 months now and I haven't experienced any further problems. In fact, it seems to sound better and work more reliably than ever, since the repair. The repair facility did indicate that Onkyo had redesigned and updated the failed circuit board.

    I commend Onkyo for standing by their products and performing this out-of-warranty repair at no cost for many of their customers.