Q on inceiling speaker before installation

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Q on inceiling speaker before installation

  • Hi,

    I am trying to install Yamaha RX-v675 Receiver paired with Yamaha NS-IW280C in 14x14 open living area - as i started doing my DIY  project with the help of guides i found on Crutchfield I realized there are obstacles in the ideal place for speaker so am thinking of the below and need expert advise before i start cutting the drywall. With the current layout the front L and R speakers with 4 ft from the wall mounted TV, 2 ft from the side wall  and the rear surrond will be within 9-10 ft from the front. the listening position will be 8 feet from the front speakers.. Considering the output of the system would I still have a great experience or should i think of replacing the speaker - if yes appreciate any suggestion. I know its a bit late in the game but may not be too late.


  • I’m not sure I see any real problems with your stated application. When sitting 8 feet from the screen, having the front left & right speakers 4 feet from the TV on either side is nearly ideal.

    Surround speakers placed a foot or two behind the primary listening area is also great for the rear effects and ambient sounds.

    I think you’re good to go. Especially considering the Yamaha RX-X675 offers their YPAO calibration to optimize the performance of your system based on the room acoustics & speaker placement.

    I hope that helps.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?


  • Thanks a lot