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Denon receiver 2309ci

  • connections for zone 2 from sony dvd playerBD-f7500, lg tv  26lg3 (audio only) and sony 300cd juke box

  • Like most multi-zone receivers, the Denon does not support digitally connected external sources (HDMI, optical, coax digital) for playback in the secondary zones (zone 2). The most common work around is to connect both digital & analog audio cables (RCA) from the same source to the receiver. For example, if your DVD player supports both digital (optical, coaxial, HDMI) & analog (RCA) audio output simultaneously, you would make the digital connection for audio playback in Zone 1, and the analog connection for playback in Zone 2.

    If the source device does not support digital & analog audio output at the same time, you may have to switch the source’s audio output (from digital to analog) in the source’s settings menu when you want to hear it play in the second zone.

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    Anyone lese have a good recommendation?

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