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Amp selection help

  • I have 4 in-ceiling Yamaha speakers, i believe they are NS-IW360C, (35 watts nominal, 120 watts maximum input, ohm ), they are used to fill some quite spots i a room not my main audio source.  i am currently driving then with an old Samson servo 260 (giving me trouble).

    i havent been in the ceiling in so long i dont even remembered how they are wired. for all i know i could have wired it up with a cut up extension cord and duct tape.

    so the question i got are...
    1. wiring parallel or series ?
    2. wire gauge (longest run 60 feet)?
    3. amp specs wattage and ohm rating?

    Any input you could provide would be awesome


  • Hey Scott, you might want to consider upgrading to a new 4-channel amplifier with 35 watts RMS x 4 going to each of your Yamaha speakers. We have a great option for that currently available in the NAD C 245BEE Power Amplifier. You can get further information about this amp and others we carry by contacting our Advisors by phone (888.955.6000) chat or e-mail.

    Anyone else have any suggestions?