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A/V Receiver Question - Outdoor speakers

  • I have an STR-DG800 7.1 Sony Receiver.  I recently hooked up 2 outdoor speakers to my A/V receiver.  This receiver does not have dedicated Zone 2 speaker jacks - Only an RCA jack labeled Zone 2 output.  I hooked the 2 outdoor speakers to the Front A - Speaker B terminal posts (I already have indoor front speakers in the Speaker A posts).  When I turn the system on, my inside speakers sound great; however, I have to crank the volume on the receiver up extremely high to get normal sound outside.  I thought that if the Speaker A and Speaker B selection was turned on, they would put out the same sound level?  Are there any suggestions/recommendations on this?  Can I purchase an amplifier (with speaker posts and RCA jacks) and hook the outdoor speakers to it, then connect to Zone 2 RCA outputs?  Just trying to figure out how to get decent sound outside without having to totally crank up my inside system.  Please help.

  • You have 2 sets of main speaker outputs, speaker A & speaker B. Your inside main speakers should be on speaker A outputs and your outdoor speakers should be on speaker B outputs. Your outside speakers might be of a higher impedance (ohms) and therefore would not play as loud as the inside mains with the same volume number (power).

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  • It does sound like your outside speakers may be a higher impedance than the inside speakers or perhaps their sensitivity is much less than the inside speakers. The fix for this would be to get an integrated amp to connect to the Zone 2 RCA outputs. They are fixed level so you will need something to control the volume and that's the benefit of an integrated amp over a regular amp. HTH!