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New Stereo Equipment Advice

  • I am upgrading my stereo system and have a $5,000 budget.  The room is 12x24 with carpeting, a table, two lamps, and a tv.  I am in need of speakers, cd player, and integrated amp.  I have a Stanton T.50X turntable that will be used.  I have listened to Golden Ear Triton 3 and B&W 683 speakers which I did not particularly like.  Any equipment recommendations that I can research and hear are appreciated.

  • Well a lot of "good sound" quality is personal preference. But given your budget and the specs of your room, for the speakers I would recommend looking at the Monitor Audio Radius R270, the MartinLogan ElectroMotion® ESL or the Polk Audio LSi M 705. For the amp Peachtree, NAD, Yamaha and Marantz are all great manufacturers to consider; I like this Peachtree Audio nova125SE myself. For your CD player, the Oppo BDP-105 is great for not only CD audio playback but Blu-Ray video playback as well.

    Anyone else have any suggestions?

  • I'd suggest Magnepan 1.7's  as a starting point. Very hard to beat at their price point and head and shoulders beyond the Martin Logan's IMHO.