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  • Have a brand new Sony 4K XBR-79X900B TV; also purchased a Sony FMP-X10 4K Media Player from Crutchfield's; for the life of me, I have tried to get it properly connected to work properly; called Sony support last week and quite frankly, response lacked substance and they were "vague" at best! I have the HDMI Cable for Audio going to a new YAMAHA receiver RX-A1040 (also from Cruthfield's) and Video out from the 4K Media Player DIRECTLY to the Sony TV input HDMI 4 (tried HDMI 2 in as well, does not work); the TV screen shows at the top the FMP-X10 is connected but also says "no signal"; am using Monster Black Platinum HDMI Cables throught all my connections - OPPO blu-ray player, Apple TV box, PS3, PS4 - they all work perfectly - and with Audio AND Video through the YAMAHA receiver, as it should be for "normal stuff"! This dang 4K Media Player is the toughest thing to get working I have ever experienced! Also have it hard-wired ethernet connectivity (even though Sony's own specs says it can be WiFI - but their service support says "no wifi capability)


    Appreciate any advice you can provide!

    PS - the Sony "compatibality app" for the iPad does not even list the new XBR-79X900B as a choice in a drop down box to "pair the Media Player online for "SONY Free 4K Premium Service Activation Eligibility"...!

  • Hi Ron,

    Your TV should support the FMP-X10, but it may need activated. Check and plug in your serial number. Unfortunately not all of them come activated so it may require a service visit before it will work. 

    The 4k player does need to go into HDMI 2 on the TV, whether or not it runs through the receiver. That is the only input on the TV that will work for the FMP-X10.

    While the player does have wi-fi capability, chances are the playback quality would suffer over wi-fi, since 4k video has a huge bandwidth requirement. Sony strongly recommends a wired connection for streaming 4k content. If you're not going to stream 4k but just standard 1080p video, wireless is fine.

    If you hooked the FMP-X10 directly to HDMi 2 and got no picture, then I strongly suspect that your TV will need to be activated. Give that a try and if it still doesn't work, let us know.

  • Thanks

    Jason i appreciate your reply... I have it hooked up exactly as you described including a hard wired ethernet cable... The issue i see now is that the Sony website for activation does not even list the 4K XBR 900B tv... So i am stumped on that part... Please help...

    Thank you!!!!!

  • Hey Ron,

    I spoke with Sony and they confirmed that the 900B should be activated out of the box. If you plug your other devices into HDMI 2 on the TV, you get a picture, correct? Assuming you do and that you tried multiple cables between the FMP-X10 and the TV, I would have to think there is a problem with the FMP-X10. If you go that from us, give us a call and we can exchange it for you.

  • Hi Jason…

    Yes, all other devices come through the YAMAHA Aventage receiver (purchased from Crutchfield) and work on HDMI 2 on the Sony TV… So I really feel at this point the Sony Media Player is defective and would like to exchange it for another if possible… Please advise what to do.

    Thanks for your assistance!

  • Hi Jason - update...

    Talked to Jacky at Crutchfield and he is sending me a new FMP-X10 out for delivery next week and I will return the defective unit. Stay tuned - thanks for your assistance!

  • Hi Ron,

    Sorry, I'm off on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I'm glad Jackie was able to help you out. Let us know if there are any problems with the replacement, but I think you'll be all set!