Need help choosing a receiver

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Need help choosing a receiver

  • I need help choosing a receiver. My options are Marantz NR1403 and Harman Kardon 1710.  I don't have a need for any of wireless options on the Harman Kardon.  I truly only care about equipment and sound quality. I will be using Polk Tl150 speakers and Klipsch 350 subwoofer.  My living room has standard ceilings and is of a medium size. I don't plan on upgrading to 7.1.  Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. 

  • If sound quality is your main concern then I would recommend going with the Marantz NR-1403--that uses higher quality digital to analog converters for better audio quality when playing MP3 music files, the Audyssey MultiEQ calibration system as well as more listening modes that will adjust the audio quality to suit your needs. So as long as the networking/streaming features weren't important to you, I think the Marantz is the way to go.

    Anyone else have any suggestions?