Use receiver as a glorified HDMI switch?

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Use receiver as a glorified HDMI switch?

  • I know this sounds like an insanely silly suggestion but please allow me to explain. My wife and are building a new home and plan to spend about $2,500 on speakers for our home theater setup. We've already purchased a Denon AVR-X2000 receiver from Crutchfield. Due to cost overruns on the house, we're going to wait two or three months after we move in before ordering our speakers. I'd rather not run several sets of HDMI cables through the conduit up to our television. It would be much easier to hook all the video components up to the receiver and use it to switch between inputs and let it pass the av signal to the tv. Then we can just use the tv sound until we get our speakers in a couple of months. I know however, in the past, turning on a receiver without speakers connected was a quick way to blow out a channel. Is this still a concern or are there enough built-in safety's now-a-days to protect the receiver. Is what I want to do even possible or should I just look into another option for now?


    - Byron

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  • You can certainly use the receiver as an HDMI switcher both before and after you get your speakers connected. Aside from advancing through the on-screen "Setup Wizard" (no problems there; just run through it again once you've connected the speakers), the receiver will have no issues without speakers connected initially.

    Hope that helps!