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Need new stereo equipment

  • I want to replace my stereo equipment from 1978, which is a Nikko 815 receiver, Philips 22 turntable, Pioneer cassette tape deck, Time Window Box speakers and a set of EGO speakers. I see a lot has changed since then and rather than me try to figure all this out and miss match things I would like your opinions. I have already after purchased a new Pro-Ject Debut Carbon in Black. I have a budget of $2300 to purchase the following. I am interest in a receiver (integrated AMP I guess there called now a days), a CD or CD/DVD player and 1 set of speakers. From my small amount of research I assume Ill need a preamp too. Thanks

  • While all of the integrated amplifiers we offer are high quality, I really like the performance and capabilities of the new Marantz PM7005. It offers a high current low impedance amplifier to make the most of any speakers you connect and supports both older (phono input for your turnntable) and newer (USB input with asynchronous DAC) source connections.

    Because the Marantz also offers digital audio inputs, you’ll have the option to connect an external CD player with either an analog (RCA) or digital (optical or coaxial) cable. This way, you can decide to use the CD’s player’s internal DAC, or the Marantz’s digital to analog conversion.

    For the speakers, check out the PSB Imagine X1T towers. They offer exceptional detail & clarity, wide frequency response, and high sensitivity. PSB is a speaker-specialty manufacturer that knows how to produce quality sound. When powered by a quality amplifier (Like the Marantz), they will sound amazing.

    Don’t forget to add some high quality speaker wire to ensure the best signal transfer from the amp to the speakers.

    I hope that helps.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?