Emotiva UMC-200 vs. Onkyo TX-NR709 for pre/pro

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Emotiva UMC-200 vs. Onkyo TX-NR709 for pre/pro

  • I'm sorta new to the forum posting scene but here is scenario - Year's ago I bought a Onkyo709 receiver and not long afterward it died. well, it has the bug (I understand there has since been a recall) where it cuts and then off right away. I had already killed an Arcam and Denon receivers so I purchased an Emotiva UMC-200 pre-pro / XPA-5 amp combo. As much positive that has been written about the 200, I must say I feel Audyssey MultiEQ XT seems to be a more complete solution. I also can't help but miss the Spotify streaming capabilities of the Onkyo (even though I purchased the Bluetooth dongle for the UMC, it still lacks in comparison). I listen to vinyl as well as enjoy the biggest loudest action adventure movies out there. The 709 has Burr Brown DACs (not sure which ones) and if used solely as a processor with my XPA-5 amp I'd think both two channel but especially multi-channel playback would be as good or superior to the UMC. Anyone care to chime in? Related equipment; Focal 706V, CC700V, 705V speakers SnapAV Episode 12" sub PS4 for blue ray Music Hall usb-1 turntable Panasonic ST60 60" plasma (sorta want an Oppo 103 but can't justify cost) funky room / 30' long bonus room divided in half; home office on one end, mini-theater on other.

  • Well, based on your description of the issue, it doesn't seem that using the Onkyo 709 as a pre-amp will be an option (if it cuts off shortly after powering on). If the issue is corrected when you disconnect your speakers from the amplified outputs, then you could certainly use it (and it's Audyssey & Spotify capabilities) with an external amplifier.

    If using the Onkyo is not an option, both Denon & Marantz offer the Audyssey suite of features and many of their models offer the multi-channel pre-amp ouputs if you prefer to use them as a pre-amp.

    I hope that helps.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?