How can I connect the powered subwoofer to my receiver?

  • Hi dear friends,

    I have an ONKYO AV receiver HT-R680. It's a 7.1 surround system. The 7 speaker connectors work well, but the subwoofer PRE OUT connector  doesn't have any signal output.

    My question is how can I connect my powered subwoofer to the system?  May I connect the powered subwoofer to the Center Speaker connector via an attenuator?

    BTW.  How to fix it? I'm an electronics technician, may be I can fix it under your guidance.

    Thanks for any assistance!

  • You can still connect a powered subwoofer that features speaker level inputs/outputs to your receiver; the speaker level inputs and outputs are shorted together on those, so the output is not crossed over. You should set you receiver's front speaker setting to Large.

    Here's one from Polk Audio we carry that would work:

    Anyone else have any suggestions?