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Need Help with Home audio

  • Hi everyone.

    My wife and I are building  house and have the next few weeks to prewire before the dry wall goes in. I want to run wire for speakers but need help on how they will function once they are installed and was hoping this was the place.

    I am planning on installing a 5.1 in the wall system in our great room. In addition to those I wanted to install a speaker in our master bath, kitchen and back patio.

    So that would be a total of three additional speakers in various rooms in addition to the surround sound in the great room.

    My question is how do I control those so they can be turned on and off separate from not only each other, but also the surround sound?

    If possible I would like all three speakers to be able to play Television audio as well as any music.

    Can anyone offer any help?


  • Absolutely. a 7.1 receiver with powered multi-zone would be the cheapest route. By adding an external speaker selector, you can safely connect multiple speaker pairs to the receiver's 6th & 7th channels (Zone 2). The selector will protect the amp from overload and provide independent on/off controls for each pair.

    The primary issue with this option is the Zone 2 source limitation. Most receivers that offer the powered Zone 2 capability will not be able to provide the audio from digitally connected external sources (HDMI, optical, coaxial) in the secondary locations. This means, you would be limited to the AM/FM tuner, sources connected with analog RCA cables, and any network streaming capabilities of the selected receiver/amplifier in the secondary locations.

    This isn't the only solution; not by far.

    For additional assistance with your complete system design, I recommend contacting the Crutchfield A/V Design Group.

    Hope that helps!

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?