Reusing a Onkyo TX-SR 508 as Zone 2 Power Amp

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Reusing a Onkyo TX-SR 508 as Zone 2 Power Amp

  • Hi I am trying to put together a Home Theater System using some old equipment. We are coming two systems and I have a Onkyo TX- SR 508 that works great except the HDMI,s don't work. My question is can I use the old Receiver as a Zone 2 power amp. The house has 3 Single ceiling speakers and two stereo ceiling speakers all with separate Speakercraft volume controls. I understand I would need to use a speaker selector and was thinking about a Russound unit. Initially I would use my Onlyo TX-SR 507 as a Surround Amp in 5.1 service until I could afford a new Surround Receiver. What do you all think? Thanks in Advance Cheap Frugal Mike

  • Based on what you've described, you should be able to use the TX-SR508 as the "Zone 2" amplifier without an external speaker selector. If you supply this receiver with a stereo signal from the primary "Zone 1" receiver/amplifier (from the Zone 2 pre-amp outputs), you can set the 508 to "All Channel Stereo" mode and power the 3 single in-ceiling speakers, and two stereo input speakers with the 7 channels of the receiver.

    I hope that helps!

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?