Best speaker specs for a Denon AVR 1609 receiver

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Best speaker specs for a Denon AVR 1609 receiver

  • Hi -

    I just picked up a Denon AVR 1609 receiver and now looking to add 2 front speaker + sub woofer. I would really appreciate some advice on the best fit of wattage/ohms combination for the speakers.

    BTW, the room where I'll have this system in is fairly small (14'x30'). Distance between the speakers and couch will be approx. 15'. However, I do enjoy fairly high volume music.... but feel going 5.1 or full 7.1 is over kill for the room.

    I will hook up my TV + iPhone (iTunes) + a turntable as input devices.

    Any help with the proper speaker wattage and ohms would be greatly appreciated.



  • Conventional 8 Ohm home speakers will be ideal for use with your Denon receiver. This means; the vast majority of speakers on the market today. Which ones are best for you specifically depends on a great number of factors.

    We have a wealth of content on this topic in the Crutchfield Labs. I recommend starting with "Home Speakers 101".

    I hope that helps.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?