itunes keeps dropping airplay on Denon AVR

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itunes keeps dropping airplay on Denon AVR

  • Anybody else tired of the message or similar  ? An error occurred while connecting to the AirPlay device “Denon AVR-X3100W”. An unknown error occurred (-15008).I have pulled all the plug , done all the restarts, Hard resets to all equipment and grade all firmware. It will play for a few minutes then no sounds for hours then back on again. The speaker are hard wired so there no dropping there. Any one got any ideas? This is my only music in the house, So I am so ready to trash it all and find something different.

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear you are having some issues with that Denon, if the problem persists after you do all those resets and try a different device I would say the problem is with either the Denon its self or the Wireless router. if the problem is with the Denon I would suggest sending it in to Denon for repair.

    Thanks Lloyd

    Crutchfield tech Support