Losing it!

  • I bought a Marantz AV-7701 from Cruthhfield. I paired it with a Emotiva XPA 5 channel amp. With BP 2000 Definitve Tech speakers. It sounded better than I'd imagined it would. Just 3 days short of 8 months use no audio. Tried all support channels. Told service is needed. I brought back a onkyo TX-NR 809. I can get video to run thru it. But can't get thru the speaker set up. Either manual set up or with the Audisssy mic. I'm not hearing good things about HDMI switches. Or am I just completely missing something? Any input would be helpful.

  • The Marantz is covered by a 3 year warranty (parts & labor) so I definitely recommend contacting them about service/repair if that's the issue. You can contact their service department directly by dialing: 800.654.6633.

    You can also check for an authorized service center in your local area on their website here.

    They may require proof of purchase from an authorized retailer so, if you need a copy of your original invoice, you can contact our Customer Support department to get one: 800.955.9091.

    I hope that helps!