Surround Sound Setting on Blu ray DVD and AVR

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Surround Sound Setting on Blu ray DVD and AVR

  • I am looking for information or videos on sound settings for my home theater system.  I have a Samsung blu ray DVD player hooked to a Yamaha 750. What should I set the sound settings to in the DVD payer AND the receiver.  The DTS Neo:6 Mode, Dolby, Dolby Digital,  Dynamic Range control, PLIIx Movie,  PLII Movie are all very confusing especially when one player  (Blu Ray) is feeding the other. (Yamaha 750)  

  • It's generally best to set the Blu-ray player's output to "Bitstream" and the receiver's decoding to "Auto". This way, the player will send the best possible soundtrack option based on your receiver's capabilities, and the receiver will default to that option when it senses the incoming signal.

    Aside from "Dolby Digital, the surround modes you've referenced are most commonly used for stereo (2 channel) or mono (single channel) audio signals and produce a simulated surround effect from the limited source content.

    Hope that helps!