More Power

  • Hello-I have a Denon AVR x2100 and an old Sansui 9090. I have been trying to find ways to have both systems hooked up to same speakers or use the Sansui as a power amp and have the Denon act as a preamp. Or buy a relatively low cost but good power amp for the Denon. My outside goal is to increase the power at some point. I have some knowledge but not that much. Any suggestions?

  • The Denon AVRx2100 does not offer the multi-channel pre-amp outputs so, unless you want to use the Sansui to power speakers in a secondary zone, there's no good way to use the Denon as a pre-amp.

    If your speakers do not offer the bi-amp capability (two sets of terminals per speaker), there's also no good way to use both to power the same speaker.   

    I hope that helps!