Issue with Yamaha Shutting Down

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Issue with Yamaha Shutting Down

  • Hey everyone,

    I am having an issue where my Yamaha AV Receiver keeps turning off all the time and when turned back on, giving the "Check SP Wires" message.

    I have recreated the wires multiple times and there are no strands sticking out anywhere. I actually had the AV Receiver replaced also because it was happening to the old one, and it is happening once again to this new receiver.

    I have the below Receiver and speakers:

    AV Receiver:  <Mod Edit: Linked to Crutchfield. Please link to Crutchfield's Item Page or manufacturer's website. Thanks.> 

    RL and RR:

    FL and FR:


    Subwoofer (doesn't seem to really work):

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Edit: I did forget to mention that it usually only turns off on loud noises or when the volume is a bit higher up. I don't remember ever seeing it fail if it's just idling playing the Playstation menu music or anything.

  • In the owner's manual for the Yamaha RX-V379 receiver, it states that the "Check SP wires" message is displayed when one of your speaker wires is short circuited. If you're using old and/or used speaker wire, then I would recommend updating that with new wire. If you've already replaced with new speaker wire and still have issues, I would recommend contacting Yamaha's Technical Support at 800-292-2982 for more information.

    Anyone else have any ideas?

  • The short could be anywhere from internal to the receiver, to internal to the speakers, including the wire in between. First step in a situation like this is to power the system off and disconnect all speakers from the back of the receiver. Power it back on and see if you still get the message. If you do, the short is internal to the receiver and you'll want to look into warranty repair options or replacement if it's out of warranty.

    If you do NOT get the message, then you'll want to power it back off and reconnect one of your speakers. Power it back up and test it. Repeat for all speakers. If you only get the message on one speaker, then more than likely that speaker is blown, but you may want to try a different speaker on that same output to be 100% sure.

  • I was considering unplugging one speaker at a time and seeing what happens. Reason being is it usually only happens on loud noises. For example, my roommate plays things quieter than myself as sometimes I like things to be easily heard without any issue. When he plays it on -40, it works without issues. If I play it on -32 or something higher, it will turn off giving me that message.

  • Well it seems to be working okay right now. I took out one of the shelves and increased the airflow above it. Turned it up to -30, put the PS3 music up even higher, and seemed to work absolutely fine. Granted, sometimes before it took a little bit of time to act up, but I wasn't going to blare music for my lovely neighbors.

    Only issue now is my subwoofer not wanting to play properly. I can hear it during the YMIC setup, but test tone and everything else doesn't seem like it's doing anything at all. Weird.