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Popping Noises From Speakers

  • I have an Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver and JBL speakers/subwoofer.  About two weeks ago, my subwoofer began making noise for a minute or two after turning the receiver on (muffled pops).  Now my other speakers make loud pops for the first minute.  Once everything warms up, no more pops are heard.

    Any ideas what's causing this?

  • Under the Owner's Manual for the Onkyo TX-SR606, I found this listed in the troubleshooting section under Noise heard through speakers:

    "--Using cable ties to bundle audio cables with power cords, speaker cables, and so on can degrade audio

    performance, so don’t use them.

    --An audio cable may be picking up interference. Try repositioning your cables and reconnect them to the receiver and the source."

    If you try that and it doesn't help, I would recommend contacting Onkyo's support at 800-229-1687 for more information.

    Anyone else have any ideas?