Integrating Wireless Soundbar System with New Receiver

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Integrating Wireless Soundbar System with New Receiver

  • I had purchased a Vizio soundbar system (with wireless rear speakers and subwoofer) last year as a basic basement audio system.  However, my dad recently gave me a pair of high end floor speakers he can no longer use, which required me to purchase a receiver.  I just received my Yamaha RX-A840 unit and will set it up over the weekend.

    From the manuals of both devices, I am unsure if it is even possible to integrate both the soundbar system and the receiver.  The soundbar has digital and analog inputs but no speaker wire inputs.  The receiver's outputs are mainly through speaker wire and various ports that I cannot tell if they only support input or output (or can go both ways).

    Right now, the soundbar is directly connected to the TV (a 40" Samsung LCD TV circa 2008) via digital optical.  I then have a Blu-Ray player attached to the TV via HDMI. 

    My questions are:

    1.  Is it possible to integrate the soundbar into a receiver?  I am aware the soundbar has its own volume settings and remote control, so I would have to set it so I could then just use the receiver to adjust volume.

    2.  If I can't connect the soundbar to the receiver, the alternative (I imagine) would be to have both the soundbar and receiver connected to the TV.  However, is it possible for a TV to simultaneously transmit audio through two outputs (rather than just one or the other)?

  • It sounds like your soundbar is a powered version meaning that it has a power cable to plug into the wall and an amp built in to power the drivers in the bar. You do not want to use one of those in conjunction with a theater receiver. There is no way for a theater receiver to sound right even if you got the bar to connect to it. I have always recommended one or the other. Either run the sound bar, or the theater receiver and speakers.

    If you want to use only the soundbar at certain times and then the theater receiver the rest of the time (with the theater speaker system connected), then you should know it may be possible to connect your equipment. The way that definitely works is to connect all the sources like a Blu-Ray player, game console, TV tuner box, etc. to the theater receiver via HDMI cable, and then run the theater receiver’s HDMI output to the TV. This method leaves the TV’s audio output available for connecting to the soundbar.