No audio from TV speakers using Yamaha RXV373 5.1 receiver

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No audio from TV speakers using Yamaha RXV373 5.1 receiver

  • Hello. I wanted to play DVD's through my Bluray player connected via HDMI to the Yamaha RXV373 receiver. But when I do this there is no audio from the TV speakers. The DVD's video plays fine, but there is no sound. At the moment I want to just use the TV speakers. Is there some setting on the Yamaha receiver that will allow audio to be heard through the TV speakers?

    Thanks for any insight into this annoying situation.

  • Hello.  At the moment I am hoping to just use the TV speakers for audio from my Bluray player. When I connect the Bluray player direct to my Samsung TV, and start a DVD, there is no and video play fine. However, when I use my Yamaha RXV373 5.1 receiver in between the TV and Bluray player (via HDMI cables) I do not get the audio through the TV's speakers. The video plays fine, but no sound. Is it not possible to use the TV speakers in conjunction the the Yamaha receiver?

    Thanks for any help on this situation.

  • You can turn on the "HDMI OUT (TV)" setting in the Yamaha menu, which should get you audio from the TV but may prevent you from getting audio from the speakers connected to the Yamaha. Typically it's either or, you can't do both at the same time. The Yamaha does not explicitly state that it's either or, so you'll have to try it and see.

    The setting is located at Setup > HDMI > HDMI OUT (TV).