Correct (matching specs) Center Speaker for Bose 201

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Correct (matching specs) Center Speaker for Bose 201

  • Anyone have any idea what center speaker might match specs with a set of Bose 201 V's? Bose no longer makes one and I've been reading that it's very important to match the center speakers with your bookshelf's. But, it seems to be recommended not to cross manufacturers and sometimes even different series from same brand. I like the speakers and don't really want to replace. Bose web site is no help. Any help would be appreciated.

  • You're correct. Bose does not currently offer a dedicated center channel speaker at the moment. Your best bet for a voice-matched center would be to get another pair of the 201 bookshelf models. You'll get 2 speakers when you only need one but it will be perfectly voice-matched and you will have a spare.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?