SONOS Connect AMP or BOSE SoundTouch SA-5?

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SONOS Connect AMP or BOSE SoundTouch SA-5?

  • I'm looking for some help with my backyard setup. I recently had my backyard landscaped and ran speaker wire to 8 different locations. All of these speakers will be placed in the ground, nothing mounted on the house or any structures. All of the wiring will run back to the interior of the house. The max distance of the speaker run is 50ft.


    - speaker wire: Phoenix DB Link SW12G250Z 12 Gauge (max run of 50ft)

    - 8 total speakers

    - I'm considering these TIC speakers: (1), OR (2)


    2 Questions:

    1. Do I go with the Sonos Connect AMP or the BOSE SA-5?

    - The Sonos AMP looks like its recommended to support a single pair of speakers but, can be stretched to support 2 pairs. Please confirm?

    - I don't want to buy 4 AMP's, but will 2 AMP's give me enough power for all 8 speakers? (110W RMS (2x55W continuous average power into 8 ohms, THD+N<0.02%)

    - The BOSE AMP looks like it can support 2 pairs :"Two speaker connectors allow for the connection of two pairs of speakers in parallel in order to power two rooms or put four speakers in a larger space"

    - The BOSE AMP also looks like it provides more power: 100W per channel “100W / channel minimum into 8 ohms, from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with no more than 0.5% THD.”

    2. Do I go with the TIC GS5 Mini or GS3?

    GS3 (

    -Continuous/Peak: 100/200W

    -Full range 200W driver

    GS5 Mini (

    -2x full range 100W drivers

    -Continuous/Peak: 50/100W

  • 1. The Sonos Amp would allow you to connect 2 pairs of speakers as long as you wire them together in parallel wiring, however I think given the type of power required for those speakers you're considering, the Bose SA-5 amp would be a better match to drive that type of system.

    2. I haven't personally heard of these speakers before but it looks like the GS3 model is designed to deliver more "filling" sound that can cover a larger outdoor area than you would get from the GS5 Mini. So if you have a larger backyard and want to fill it with the best possible sound, the GS3's would likely work better.

    Anyone else have any suggestions to offer?