Marantz SR5010 and monitor 2 out problem.

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Marantz SR5010 and monitor 2 out problem.

  • I have the Marantz SR-5010 receiver, I am trying to set up a second TV to the Monitor 2 out via HDMI cable.  I am able to see the video on the second TV but no sound is coming out of the TV speakers.   If I set up speakers to the zone 2 speaker connections will I be able to hear the audio on those speakers.  Or is there some internal setting to sent audio signal thru the HDMI connection to the second TV via the Monitor 2 output?

  • The 2nd HDMI out on the 5010 isn't actually a "Zone 2" output, it's just a duplicate of the main output. It won't output audio unless you go in and tell the receiver to send audio to the TV instead of the speakers, and then the speakers will stop playing.

    The Zone 2 speakers will only play analog audio sources, so you could do it but you would have to make sure there's an analog signal available for the sources you want to be able to watch in the 2nd zone. So in addition to your HDMI connections, run a regular analog patch cable to the 5010 (into the same source as your HDMI so CBL/SAT analog and HDMI for your cable box, BD/DVD analog and HDMI for your Blu-Ray player, etc) and it should work.