Question about connections betweem TV and Soundbar

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Question about connections betweem TV and Soundbar

  • I just bought a soundbar that has TV Optical Cable, BD/DVD, and ANALOG inputs and SUBWOOFER output.   Also works via Bluetooth.

    When I got it home, I realized my TV is just old enough that it does not have the TV Optical Cable output.  My TV seems to have only the normal colored coaxial outputs that I have been running to a receiver/amplifier and then to external speakers.  The only other audio output terminal on the TV is a small round female connection labeled SPDIF.

    Right now I am playing the sound from TV by running a digital audio coaxial cable from the output on my Comcast cable box to the BD/DVD input on the soundbar.  While that works for the TV when viewing TV from the cable box, it doesn't let me play audio from other devices that I have hooked into the TV thru HDMI cables except thru the TV's internal speakers which are not great quality.

    Based on the terminal connections labeled as above, is there a way I can get audio output from the TV to the soundbar other than from the cablebox like I'm doing now?  Can I get a cable that will let me hook the SPDIF from the TV to the BD/DVD input on the soundbar?

    Thanks in advance.

  • In order to determine if there's a cable you can use to connect your soundbar and TV, I'd need to know more information on the connections available. Specifically, what type of connection is used for the BD/DVD input on the soundbar? If it's a digital coaxial connection that matches the round female output labeled "SPDIF" on your TV, then you can use a digital coaxial cable to connect them; like this Monster Cable:

    Anyone else have any advice or tips?