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Home Theatre System Questions

  • Okay so i've been piecing together a home theatre setup for a while now and now that its coming together I have a few questions regarding picking a receiver and adjusting etc.

    So currently I have 6 Polk RC80i speakers in the ceiling. http://www.polkaudio.com/rc80i/d/1187

    I also have a Klipshe Quintet System (6in downward facing sub, left speaker, right speaker, and center)

    I also have a Klipshe R112-SW Sub

    The room is quite large - 20x40 with a 17ft ceiling. It has two halves - one has a 17ft ceiling and thats where the in-ceiling speakers are and the other half has a 8ft ceiling with a balcony on top over looking the room. The TV and home theatre system is in the high-cieling-ed half.

    Currently my left and right rears are two of the RC80i's (2 speakers) - my left and right fronts and made up of two RC80i's joined in parrallel (4 speakers) - and my center is made up of all three Klipshe Quintet speakers wired in parallel (right and left speakers and the Klipshe bar) - and then I have each sub ai either corner of the room

    I think im exchanging the 12in Klipshe for a 15in for a bit more bass but currently my older Sony Reciever isnt able to get the volume I want out of the system. The in ceiling speakers are super quiet and the Klipshe speakers joined as center (although louder than the in ceiling ones) are still fairly quiet. What receiver should I get and how should I wire these speakers?

    Thanks for the help!

  • While it's okay to wire two 8 ohm home speakers in parallel to a 4 Ohm stable channel of a receiver (not all receivers are 4 ohm stable), I do not recommend wiring three or more in parallel to any one channel of any home receiver. I'm actually not sure how your Sony is working and not going into protection mode with three speakers wired in parallel to the center channel output.

    Your best bet would be to get a receiver that offers high current amplification and the power you'll need to get the volume and clarity you require from a single speaker connected to each channel. Many 7 channel models will allow you to use your extra Klipsch speakers as "Front Height" channels. 

    For additional assistance and personalized recommendations, feel free to contact us directly.

    I hope that helps.