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  • Today is an extremely sad day for me.  My beloved Nakamichi CD player appears to have passed away.  It is no longer reading CD's, so I suspect the laser may be a goner.  I would like to replace it with a comparably good sounding unit (does one exist anymore??).  Right now I am using my Sony DVD player for CD playback and it sounds terrible!!

     I am looking at Crutchfield's line-up of players, and there are plenty to choose from.   I am considering the Tascom entry level unit with recorder, but the specs on that unit don't appear as good as some of the others in that price range.  Can anyone advise me on a really good sounding unit with a price cap of $400?  Thanks for the help!!

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  • In the under $400 range, I think this Marantz CD5005 player would be a great option to consider: www.crutchfield.com/.../Marantz-CD5005.html

    Marantz builds this unit with audiophiles in mind by utilizing an aluminum/fiberglass faceplate and metal chassis to help eliminate vibrations. It also has high-quality capacitors in the signal path for superior speed; resulting in a cleaner, more enveloping experience when you listen to music. All of these designs add up to top-notch sound quality and overall performance. I don't think you'd be disappointed.

    Anyone else have any suggestions?