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Home Audio 5.1 Surround Soundbar out of Sync

  • So I have upgraded the soundbar that I am using in my 5.1 setup in my living room. I have a Yamaha HTR-3064 Receiver and I am upgrading to a Samsung Soundbar Model #: HW-KM45C from an iLive one that I got at HHGregg on black friday for like $20.

    The sound was perfect when I had the iLive soundbar in the mix. I didn't get any echo. Now with the Samsung soundbar, I have a very bad lag that creates an echo that makes the whole surround experience feel like I have my system in a long hallway.

    I run everything to my receiver with HDMI. PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, XBox 360, XBox One, Laptop..... All of my speakers are connected through the speaker level inputs on the receiver and the TV is connected with a single HDMI out from the receiver with the TV speakers turned off. 

    When I switched my center channel to the iLive soundbar, it didn't have speaker level inputs so I used a Scosche Loc80 2-Channel Adjustable Lineout Converter to convert the output from the receiver to 2 RCA connections which the soundbar had on the back panel. This worked PERFECTLY with NO ECHO at all and everything was always in sync.

    Now, with the Samsung soundbar plugged up, I get a crazy amount of echo that is unbearable to deal with while watching anything. One thing that I know I changed that I have theorized but not tested yet is that I had to splice 2 separate cables so I am not sure if that may have made the big difference in audio sync. The Samsung soundbar does not have RCA connections. The ONLY analog connection it has is a line in connection so after the Scosche converter, I took the one side of the L/R RCA cables (the Red and White connectors) and spliced it with a TRS cable (Line in a.k.a. AUX cable) to connect the Samsung soundbar.

    When splicing the wires it was the 4 wires from the RCA side (positive and negative for 2 channels = 4 wires) and 3 wires from the TRS cable (a positive for each channel then a single shared negative).

    Would the single shared negative possibly allow some feedback that is causing a sync issue? Anybody ever see a problem like that before?

    Or maybe.. should I just take the Scosche Converter and RCA cable out of the circuit and just connect the speaker level out from the receiver's center channel directly to the TRS cable to eliminate the extra links in the chain?

    Any other possibilities someone can think of???

    The Samsung soundbar has an Audio Sync feature that I can delayed the audio in 25ms increments but I don't need to DELAY the audio from the soundbar I need to speed it up so it comes out a little earlier... The Receiver has a LipSync features which does the same thing but it only allows me to delay the audio as a whole, I can't delay just a single channel's audio output (which would be ideal because then I could just delay the single Center channel and everything would be fixed).

    I am eager to get this to work with the Samsung soundbar because it has a sub which will put me up to 2 subs which wouldn't exactly be 5.2 surround by tech standards but then again it would give me two different bass channels that would increase the listening experience. Also the Samsung is way louder than the iLive (I think by about 200 watts). Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

    I have attached a pic (just because). BTW the wires dont hang like that any more, this pic was taken right after I got done hanging the soundbar and I hadn't hidden the wires yet.

    Thanks for the help my friends. Yes

  • Any time you go through a converter like the LOC you run the risk of introducing a delay. While the conversion does happen at the speed of electrical signal, the signal still hits the soundbar after the digital signal is processed by your receiver. What you're trying to do is generally not recommended for this exact reason. Your best bet would be to get an RCA to 3.5mm cable and plug it in directly instead of trying to splice cables or go through the LOC. You should also definitely not go from the speaker output of the receiver directly to the aux in on the soundbar as that will be a considerably higher level signal than the soundbar is designed for and you risk damaging the soundbar.

  • Exactly what I was thinking. I didn't feel comfortable going directly from speaker level output to an aux in. One problem with your suggestion is that my receiver doesn't have RCA outs.

    Thats why I had the line out converter on it to convert to RCA.

    Fortunately enough, I just purchased a Sharp LC-65N7000U 4K tv which just might provide me with another solution for now. Running my hdmi outs from all my devices to the tv then running SPDIF split out to the soundbar and the receiver should give me the desired sound effect.

    I don't really want to go this route because it means a whole bunch of reorganizing and rewiring.

    Any other suggestions anyone???

    Looks way better.....