Best all-in-one system for home stereo, turntable, tv

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Best all-in-one system for home stereo, turntable, tv

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I would like to get some suggestions about what sort of equipment would work for an all-in-one system that allows me to use the same equipment including speakers, etc for both my tv, a home stereo system with cd player, and a high quality turntable playing 45, 33, and 78 rpm records.  I would be buying all new equipment.  Let's say my budget is 500 to 3000 not including the television.

Requirements: 1:It should be easy to adjust equalizer settings to get optimal sound for each source.

2: It should not take up a heck of a lot of space if at all possible.

3: I would like to keep cables to a minimum if possible to avoid a trip hazard.

4: I don't really like ultra-bright blue LED's.  I find them distracting, especially if I turn off the tv to watch a show or movie.

Full surround sound is not mandatory for me.  I could live with 2 or 3 speakers.

Is an all-in-one solution out there?  I don't mind buying a few things and hooking them up, and I'm pretty decent with a soldering iron.  I just would like advice from someone who has more experience with this sort of thing before I blindly take a stab at it.


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  • I'd take suggestions on the turntable too.  I'd be buying that as well.