I've searched the internet high and low and not only can I not find someone else with the same problem, I can't find anyone to answer or test out my problem. Not only that, Yamaha blames Sony and Sony blames Yamaha.

So here's the underlying issue. Currently, I own a Yamaha RX-A1030 and prior to that, I owned a Yamaha RX-1065BL. Both, without a hitch, dispatched audio and video to the PS3, 360, XBONE, PS4, PS2 etc no problem.

Once I finally decided to upgrade to the RX-A1050, I noticed that only the PS3 refused to show any type of video or audio for that matter. While the other systems showed video perfect, it was only the PS3 that refused to work. It was very frustrating because I had spent countless hours setting everything up, plugging wires, etc.

I just cannot figure out what could ha e caused the issue. What I did notice, though. Is that when you boot the PS3 into safe mode, the video and audio shows up fine, but once you set it to 1080p, everything goes black again and I cannot see anything unless I put the PS3 into safe mode.

The only thing I noticed different about the receivers is that the 1050 is HDCP 2.2 while the earlier two weren't. I really don't see how that has anything to do with anything given that the other systems are legacy as well.

Moving forward, because I'm upgrading everything to 4K, I have no choice but to upgrade to the RX-A1060 so that I can enjoy 4K gaming and everything, but I'm going to be really bummed out if I cannot play my PS3 games because of some handshake issue with my old trusty PS3.

Does anyone know someone who can test this out to recreate the issue? Or can anyone provide a realistic suggestion?

Thank you :)