I just got a new TV so I'm trying to optimize my sound setup with it.  I'm looking for advice on the best sound settings for components hooked up to the soundbar. Here's my setup:

Soundbar-Sony HT-CT550W

TV- Hisense 65H8C

BluRay-Sony BDP-S5100 (has PCM or auto setting)

Apple TV 4

Tivo Bolt (has DD or pcm to DD setting)

Everything runs to the TV via HDMI and then to the soundbar via optical(ARC is not working properly on the TV.  Hopefully, a firmware update will fix that)  The optical does output DD and DTS.  What audio output settings should I use for each component?  I know this isn't a top of the line sound system but something seems lacking.  Maybe I have it set up incorrectly.  I get the DD logo from the TIVO but only get lpcm from the bluray player instead of DTS, DD, etc.  Thanks in advance!