I am currently using the Maverick D2 into an integrated amp using RCA’s. However, my Apple device (Ipod, Ipad. Iphone…) is first connected to (the no longer made) Wadia 170iTransport then the Wadia is connected to the D2… Its works well.

Since I still have many nice quality speaker and a solid quality but RCA only intagrated amp I would like to duplicate this set-up with a second system.
My question is do I still need the Wadia 170i or can I just run with the Maverick D2 or Peachtree Audio DAC (Also no longer made) from a digital music source?

Alex on this forum stated this many years ago-

"As far as I know there is only one device available that will bypass the iPod's (mediocre) internal DAC and access the digital stream directly, the Wadia 170iTransport, which you can connect to your D2 via one of the digital coaxial audio inputs and to one of the TV's component video inputs.

With this set-up you'll be able to switch all the sources except the iPad audio using the TV remote. You'll need to select the iPod audio using the D2. But, If your intend to use your iPod as a source for serious listening the Wadia/D2 combination is definitely the way to go."