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1985 Klipsch Cornwall's

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1985 Klipsch Cornwall's

  • Hi all, i just received a pair of beautiful, mint, custom made 1985 Klipsch Cornwall speakers (for free!) and have no clue what to get for an amp as i dont typically deal with older audio. I'm looking for something in a reasonable price range. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am actually considering selling them for the money but i want to hear them properly first. Thanks
  • Here is Klipsch's web page on the Cornwall.  Maximum power handling is 105 watts, so I'd look for a receiver in the 100 watt range.  Other than that, there is nothing particular that the speakers need.  Klipsch has forums that may be worth checking out.  I've never been there, but if they're active you'll get more specific advice from those guys.

    Enjoy your speakers!